4 of Grandma’s Favorite Flowers That Need to Make a Comeback

Any florist knows there are certain stems that are routinely hated on. “You’ll often hear it roll off of customers’ tongues with great disgust, as if the mere sound leaving their mouth makes them shudder: ‘No carnations, chrysanthemums or baby’s breath, please!’” Floret Flowers owner Erin Benzakein wrote on her blog. But these blooms didn’t always have such a bad reputation. In fact, they were once pretty popular! And with increased awareness of the many varieties, we think these four…

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Is it Time for Taxidermy Decor to Die Off (Pun Intended)?

Ask a group of people what they think of taxidermy as home decor and you’ll get a lot of opinions. Some folks might say it’s morbid, grotesque, and outdated to display dead animals on the walls of your home. Others will point out that stuffed specimens and trophies like heads, skulls, and horns are a way to show an appreciation for the beauty of nature and that they impart that “rustic lodge” feel that so many are fond of. But…